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Eurotubes end viewEurotubes Limited (Portland) 25409 – Vacuum twin tube furnace

Eurotubes Limited (Portland) 25409

Vacuum twin tube furnace

Commissioned November 2015

Eurotubes end view

Eurotubes Limited needed a vacuum furnace to anneal their product that is a drawn wire ranging from 3mm to 10mm diameter and 1900mm long. They needed the twin tube design because their production is a batch with a process time of over 30 hours. They have the option to run two production batches either simultaneously or independently. 

The maximum temperature of the furnace is 8000C with two 100mm diameter x 3000mm long quartz tubes – working volume is 100mm diameter x 1900mm long. The tubes are heated in two separate heating zones that can be operated independently to each other. The two quartz tubes are connected to a single rotary vane vacuum pump that can deliver a vacuum of 10x-2mbar. There is a door on each tube for rapid access into each tube either for loading or unloading. The controls are Eurotherm and the temperature of the furnace is data logged on a Eurotherm Nanodac recorder.