Site Services for Vacuum Furnaces

sitevacuumAlmor supports vacuum furnace users with a wide range of services covering most makes of vacuum furnace.

Our highly experienced service team provide:

• On site maintenance and service contracts including:

- Full total plant maintenance packages

- In-house routine maintenance programme assistance

- Routine services contracts and prompt emergency support

All round reliable support for Vacuum Furnace Users

• Pump overhaul and repairs:

- Service contracts for vacuum pumps

- Pump loan

• Control panel upgrades:

- Vacuum and temperature controllers/programmers

- Data acquisition systems to meet AMS 2750D

- PLC systems

• Training:

- Training packages, including furnace operation, operator maintenance and total plant maintenance (either on-site or at Almor)

- Leak detection and calibration services (temperature and vacuum) traceable to national standards