Parts - Vacuum & Atmosphere Furnaces

partsAlmor recognises the need to respond promptly to customers’ breakdown requirements.  To meet these needs we carry a wide range of replacement parts in stock, many of which are made in house.

Almor acquired the Wild Barfield company in 1998 and are still able to provide a complete service including design, build and a full range of spare parts.

Vacuum Parts include:

• Hot zone spares including insulation, CFC products, ceramics, molybdenum fixings

• Heater and hearth sets

• Graphite components

• Vacuum seals and components

• Pump spares .....and more

Almor offers a comprehensive range of replacement parts from stock

Atmosphere Parts include:

• Fans, chains, radiant tubes and retrofit spares for many sealed quench furnaces

• Combustion accessories (nozzles, igniters etc)

• Endocube Catalyst

• Oxygen probes (Eurosensor)

• Cast and fabricated nickel chrome components

• Ceramic components

• Refractories

• Energy efficient low Nox burners

• Electric heating elements … and more