ALMOR’s unique capability has been created by bringing together a number of long established furnace engineering companies and specialist alloy fabricators companies with histories going back to 1917. The most well known brand is Wild Barfield. Almor own the Wild Barfield brand and are are able to service and provide spare parts for all Wild Barfield furnaces and ovens. Please contact 0115 986 8773

Welding and Brazing DevelopmentsWelding & Brazing Developments (Cannock) established 1966 (inc W B Combustion) Acquired 1992

  • Alloy fabricator heat treatment equipment
  • Inconel shaft cladding
  • Combustion engineer (radiant tube burners)
  • Furnace site services

F AtkinsonF Atkinson (Nottingham) established 1937 Acquired 1998

  • Alloy fabricator heat treatment equipment
  • Fabricator of flare gas burners
  • Fabricator of vessels and chemical process equipment

Wild Barfield (incorporating Barlow Whitney)Wild Barfield (incorporating Barlow Whitney) established 1917 Acquired 1998

  • Design and manufacture of industrial furnaces and ovens
  • Furnaces services and replacement part

Marathon Process ControlsMarathon Process Controls established 1998

  • Furnace atmosphere monitoring equipment and control systems
  • Oxygen / carbon probes

Heat Treat ServicesHeat Treat Services established 1984 Acquired 2004

  • Alloy fabricator heat treatment equipment
  • Furnace refractory services
  • Furnace site services

MormetfabsMormetfabs established 1976 Acquired 2009

  • Alloy fabricator heat treatment fixtures and furniture
  • Location of Almor's vacuum furnace repair facilities

Aichelin Representative PartnershipAichelin Representative Partnership 2004

  • Controlled atmosphere furnace plant and systems/installations
  • NOXMAT combustion technology for industrial processes
  • EMA induction heating and hardening systems