Furnaces, Ovens & Ancillary Equipment

Custom Engineered Equipment

Almor’s main market focus is on controlled atmosphere processes for industrial applications where Almor offers electric or indirect gas fired solutions.

Standard Equipment

wild barfield 1998.png

Almor has more than 90 years experience in the design of electric furnaces and ovens gained through its furnace arm (Wild Barfield Est in 1917). Over this time an extensive range of proven “standard” designs have been developed and now incorporate the latest technology in atmosphere and furnace control systems. These include:

Almor's engineers design bespoke plant to meet specific heat treatment process requirements

  • Vertical retort furnaces for
  • Gas carburising
  • Gas nitriding
  • Endothermic gas generators
  • Horizontal loading high temperature batch furnaces
  • Horizontal loading low temperature batch furnaces
  • Vertical low temperature air circulation furnaces
  • Horizontal loading batch ovens
  • Shaker Hearth Furnaces
  • Continuous Strip Furnaces
  • VFC's
  • CRT's
  • GVF
  • Lift Off Furnaces

Almor  have also joined forces with Lithuanian based company 'SNOL', becoming their UK distributor.

SNOL entered the thermal process equipment market in 1960 from a small electric furnace factory in the North-Eastern town of Utena. SNOL today produce over 70 models of Laboratory furnaces and ovens and over 90 models of Industrial furnaces/ovens. In 2004 the company merged with AB Umega group, the largest metal processing company in the Baltic States having more than 700 employees.

As a market leader in the CIS countries (Commonwealth of Independence States), SNOL offer Almor a short lead time for the most popular products in their portfolio.


This further enhances Almor’s ‘All Round Capability’ from it’s Furnaces division to provide a reliable ready source of small/medium Standard Laboratory Ovens and Furnaces to the heat treatment UK market.