Current International Activity
3 Landing Gear Plane

Almor’s exports are a significant part of its turnover where the end markets are aerospace, power generation, automotive, oil and gas, mining and much more.  These exports include Alloy Fabs, new furnaces and ovens, annual furnace maintenance projects and site services for Vacuum and Atmosphere furnace users. Currently our main destinations are to European countries.

We also supply UK based companies with products which are often indirectly destined for overseas markets. 

Our service team is available to directly maintain these products in overseas territories.

Supporting Global Companies 

In particular Almor seeks to partner companies with global activities where our quality and flexibilty provide key benefits to the partnership. These partnerships enable global companies to maintain high levels of quality efficiently. 

Almor Representation

Almor represents the Global Furnace Group 'Aichelin' in the UK and Ireland with new furnaces, advanced burner technology and induction heating equipment. We support the after sales need for service and parts for all of Aichelin's equipment throughout the UK and Ireland. Almor is seeking to further develop its international presence with other non competing products through additional associations and joint ventures.

Representitives sought for Almor's products and Services in International Markets

We actively seek representation of our vacuum and atmosphere services to worldwide market. Interested parties should contact Ashley Morrell-Swain at