Nickel Alloy Fabrications

Commercially pure nickel alloys are use for corrosion resistant applications, specifically caustic alkali concentration processes. Almor specialises in Nickel Alloys which can be used for Fittings, Pipe, Tube, Sheet, Bar and Flange applications. Almost all heat treatment methods used with nickel and the nickel alloys can be used either to soften them, such as annealing, or to increase their strength, such as age hardening

Welder on Flare

Today Almor is the UK’s foremost fabricator of offshore gas flare systems and a leading supplier of nickel alloy heat treatment equipment.

Almor can also supply a wide range of other markets which require pressure vessels, pumps, power generation, inconel shaft cladding and much more.

Located in Nottingham, the fabrication facility covers 3000m2 split into 5 bays with lifting capacity up to 20 tonnes. Extensive stocks of segregated nickel alloy materials are carried to meet most customer needs.

Almor is dedicated to customer focussed continuous improvement and to this end operates a Lloyds approved BS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System covering all of its activities. Many international standards are routinely met where for example welders and inspectors are, respectively, qualified to ASME IX, EN ISO 15614-1, ASME V, BS EN IS0 23277 etc.